‚Äč"In the city I live in you just never know when a bullet could shut your whole existence down. People get shot sitting at their desk at work, in the studio, through the window in their living room, driving down the highway, trying to party, anywhere, its insanity. I believe that you have to counter insanity with insanity. From the music, to the atmosphere, it's all death, it's like, in the air. EDM, in particular, Dubstep, has a gritty, powerful, insane flavor to it that counterattacks the negative energy head on. It's like Bass can not only move, it can REmove."I try to blend a little of this and that in the music, it's more about the feel, the attitude/emotion the music pulls you into, or out of."

Born and raised on the legendarily violent streets of the southside of Chicago, BiPolar Beatz has brought that aggression, dark energy, and internal conflict to the speakers of the world, with amazing accuracy. Without question, to the audiences of the world that have experienced his amazing dj set/performance live, BiPolar Beatz does all that and more!!

Added to this, BiPo has created the all-female label/entertainment company, the MeloLagnia Music Group. Melolagnia is a word that means, sexual arousal through music. "I'm building a visual version of the music itself, in a sense. The artist roster, the dancers, etc embody the vibe of the music. The sexual energy, the power, a next level listening experience, a next level entertainment experience, I want people to experience something they never have before, at every level!"

Without doubt this 3 time Chicago Music Award Winning, "BassMaster" has set a course straight into the annals of music history.

As if this wasn't enough, BiPolar Beatz hosts a weekly radio mixshow, called the BassGasm Show, that can be heard in over 60 countries!!!

From the music to the whole "BassGasm" movement, this gas-masked donned phenom, will have your body, mind, and soul, vibrating to the beat of a different whole new level of Bass, a whole new level of musical ecstasy, and a whole new level of... MeloLagnia!